Thornhill Water Supply

Project Details:

Project Description:
Thornhill Bulk Water Supply: Thornhill Water Treatment Works – Civil Works

Contract No:
MIS 204248/1

Municipal Infrastructure

OR Tambo District Municipality

GIBB (Pty) Ltd


May 2015

Project Overview / Summary:

B 515

Contracts Manager:
SB Hobson

Construction Manager:
R Stoman / J Du Plessis


The existing Thornhill Water Purification Works requires extensions and upgrading to meet with the increasing demand. The design capacity of the works is to be upgraded from 60 MI/day to a peak raw water purification capacity of 80 MI/day.

Raw water to be treated is released from the Mthatha Dam, and conveyed via gravity pipelines, and a booster pump station.

Additional site pipework, new channels for conveying and distributing incoming water, clarifiers and rapid gravity filters are required.

The treatment works is required to remain in production throughout the construction period.

The mechanical and electrical equipment upgrade to address the above aspects will be a nominated sub-contract to run concurrently.

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